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Who is Chinmay Sharma?

Chinmay Sharma is a 28 year old modern day polymath. He is a first generation entrepreneur, a community manager, and trouble-shooter. His fitness journey in cycling and running dates back to 2005-06, inspired from his father, who won many trophies in athletics. So far, not only he has completed a number of Full and Half marathons along with a few cycling events, but also represented Rajasthan at MTB Nationals - 2016, in Pune.

He was invited to be a pacer at Mumbai Marathon 2019 edition (Half Marathon, 2:40 hour bus). Chinmay loves to push himself and motivate folks around to do their best, reach those goals and never give up.

His mantra to keep going is #RuknaToHaiHiNahi , a campaign so famous, that it got picked up by other Indian athletes as their go to # on Instagram.

Chinmay founded Kroytos, a venture to promote sports and maintain a healthy lifestyle, dealing in premium bicycles and gear. He extended his knowledge by serving as a coach to people for running, cycling & triathlons.

That's My motivation!

His commitment and drive to serve the community was stronger than making Kroytos a profitable business. Thus, he concluded business operations on a positive note, and dissolved the front store.

As Chinmay continues to coach people in their fitness journey - be it amateur or professionals, it would be right to call him a fitness evangelist. He believes in doing, than just shouting loud - He himself has cycled all the way from Rajasthan to Manipur, for which this journey was awarded by India Book of Records. Array of people have been benefited after that. Amongst those, Lakshay Jangid, won the MTB Stunt World Championship in Poland. Dharmesh Verma, completed the toughest Ultra marathon La Ultra- the High 111 km race. Ankit Arora embarked on a Guinness Book of World Records attempt – Longest journey on a bicycle in Single country, and still continues his adventure after riding 20000+ kilometers.

Many others are still running, cycling and staying fit, by adapting it as a lifestyle rather than a fad or a gimmick, or one time hobby.

“Strength is not tested on shiny rainbow days, but on the night of the toughest storms.” It was never a privilege for Chinmay to be in sports either. He had more than a fair share of his own battles to be here. A severe lumbar injury, disrupted and bedded him for several months in 2016. After frequent consultations, doctors were quick to prescribe surgery as the only option. They clearly mentioned, he will not ride or run the same way he used to, injury is part of life. He denied the surgery and believed in his super strength and chose to fight it out.

Every day for months, a self-motivated Chinmay, gathered energy and dragged to move one inch at a time, resisting pain. He kept his head strong, and hustled his way through. It requires great mental toughness, that with patience, positive results emerged. From crawling to picking up pace and finally, after 19 months he running a half marathon again - will always be a story of Champions.

Today, Chinmay takes pride to say that he has completed the World’s Toughest Race - Ironman Triathlon in Langkawi, Malaysia, 2018, in record time of 13 Hours 9 minutes 29 seconds.

Ironman Malaysia, Finish Line

Doctors were right, he never cycled or ran the same way. Everything changed for the better. Snippets of his fitness lifestyle journey are available on Instagram:

Recently, a sports media company contacted him to present and coordinate an event for Cycling Federation of India (CFI), and where he took his skills of bringing stories forward at Track Asia Cup. He is a regular presenter at CFI events, using the power of online broadcasting.

Following this, he was also contacted by Athletics Federation of India (AFI) for National Athletics Meet. Athletes had a good time appearing for interviews, and social media showered equal love. At Asian Athletics Championship, 2017, Odisha, he worked closely with media and international athletes.

For consecutive years 2018 & 2019, Chinmay presented & hosted IAAF Global Running Campaign "RUN 24:1". (IAAF: International Association of Athletics Federation)

IAAF Run 24-1 Global Running Campaign, New Delhi

Now he also manages Facebook pages for both the organizations.

He recently initiated another ‘community project’ with AFI, connecting all athletes around the country, and building a strong foundation for everyone.

He is an advisor and manages operations for Indian Runners, an organization aiming to make India fitter and stronger through daily running campaigns, and large scale public events. Also, he facilitates, promotes and an ambassador to Indian Marathon and Indian Cyclothon.


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